Use creative products to help market your speechwriting services

by Cynthia J. Starks on July 30, 2009

In my wildest dreams, I never thought there’d be a Web site offering “speechwriter” gear. But I would have been wrong. Last week, I discovered, a Web site offering a large variety of creative speechwriters’ “stuff” you might consider using in your marketing efforts.

For example, zazzle offers bumper stickers, note cards, magnets, coffee mugs, t-shirts, “onesies,” caps and actual 44 cent, first class postage stamps with any of the following messages: “World’s Greatest Speechwriter,” “My Speechwriter Rocks,” “Trust Me, I’m a Speechwriter,” “100 % Speechwriter,” “Speechwriter (Off Duty,)” and “Speechwriter” with a large bar code. Other sayings include “Daddy’s (or Mommy’s) little speechwriter” and “When I grow up I want to be a speechwriter.”

In addition, allows customers to create and produce products with their own messages. How about “Speechwriters: An executive’s best friend,” or “A speechwriter never tells.”

As a speechwriter recently transplanted to the Midwest and in the process of identifying and pursuing new clients, I’ve been thinking about how these products might be used in my own marketing.

I especially like the “World Greatest Speechwriter” postage stamp because it would certainly get the attention of the recipient. If I put it on envelopes carrying my letter of introduction to potential clients, the letter inside might begin “I may not be the world’s greatest speechwriter, but I’d like to demonstrate how good I am.” Or, if the stamp said, “Speechwriters: An executive’s best friend,” the letter could start, “In today’s difficult economic climate, executives have important messages they need delivered to a variety of audiences. Let me help you meet the communications challenges you face.”

Another audience for these products is fellow speechwriters. These folks may have jobs in the companies or industries we’re trying to crack. If another speechwriter refers you for a job or an executive communications VP hires you as a vendor, perhaps something from would make a nice little “thank you” gift.

I know that when I was working as an IBM speechwriter, I would have loved to put a “My Speechwriter Rocks” or “Trust Me, I’m a Speechwriter” note card, magnet or bumper sticker in my cubicle (or on my car, in the case of the bumper sticker).

In today’s business climate whatever we can do to positively differentiate ourselves is a “good thing,” as Martha Stewart would say. I believe all of us benefit from new ideas that help set us apart from the pack in creative and fun ways…and help drive business to our doors.

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